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Slate Roofing in Shrewsbury

What is slate roofing in Shrewsbury?

Slate roofs in Shrewsbury have been used for centuries and are designed to provide shelter, shed rain and snow, as well as being resistant against wind and other loads.

As one of the longest-lasting roof materials, with a potential lifespan of 100 years, slate is a natural rock that is mined and cut to form slate roof tiles in Shrewsbury.

Derived from sedimentary rock of volcanic ash and clay, metamorphic rocks are used to construct slate roof tiles in Shrewsbury with the slate’s mineral composition of slate influencing the colour and how much it weathers over time.

Ideal for roofs that have at a pitch of greater than 20 degrees.

What styles are available for slate roofing in Shrewsbury?

Slate roofing is available in the following styles:

Natural Slate: Provides a natural look by using slate that is sourced and taken from natural environments.

Fibre Cement Slate: Versatile and cost-effective option that is primarily composed of cement and other elements.

Man-made Slate: A cheaper alternative to the natural version, which is largely composed of reconstituted slate.


What are the benefits of natural slate?

Natural slate offers a truly authentic look that cannot be replicated by manufacturers, reflecting the natural environment, which makes natural slate perfect for period properties.

Natural slate does not fade or deteriorate over time, allowing it to protect your roof’s structure for years to come.

Additionally, natural slate is very low maintenance and robust against severe weather conditions, offering an extended lifespan, lasting anywhere up to 150 years.

What are the benefits of fibre cement slate?

Fibre cement slate is composed of a mixture of cement, fibres and mineral additives. Fibre cement slate tends to be lighter than natural slate, reducing the strain on the supporting underlay.

This makes fibre cement a great choice for steeper and lower pitches and roofs which are more complex, such as valleys or intersections.

Generally, you can expect fibre cement slate roofs in Shrewsbury to last around 30-60 years. However, annual maintenance and local weather conditions will impact the longevity of fibre cement slates over time.

What are the benefits of manmade slate?

Composed of ground down slate and synthetic resin, man-made slate offers a low-cost alternative to both natural slate and fibre cement slate. Man-made slate tends to be larger, reducing purchasing costs, resulting in quicker and less expensive installation.

They are also very lightweight which reduced the amount of extra reinforcement that is necessary in the underlay. Additionally, manmade slate is easy to recycle, making them a very eco-friendly choice.

Subject to local weather conditions and the amount of regular maintenance given to the slate roof, man-made slates are designed to last for up to 30 years.

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