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Tile Roofing in Oswestry

What is tile roofing in Oswestry?

From traditional concrete tiles to modern plastic tiles, there are a wide variety of styles that you can choose from for your roof tiles in Oswestry.

Tile roofs also offer greater durability than other materials, with the tiles themselves having a lengthy life span that often exceeds 50 years.

All of our tiles are designed to meet the requirements of various projects, whether you are fitting them onto a low-pitched roof or cladding the front of your home whether you are opting for a traditional or more contemporary appearance for your home.

Compared to other roofing materials, tile roofs are a great choice thanks to the outstanding durability, protection, and ease of maintenance that they provide.

What materials are available?

We supply roof tiles in Oswestry in a range of materials which offer various benefits for a range of different budgets whether you need to roof a small garden building or large residential homes.

Concrete Tiles offer superb durability, making them amongst the most popular roofing materials, available in a range of styles.

Clay Tiles have been used on homes for centuries for both period and modern properties, thanks to their warm colouring and stylish design adding visual appeal to any property which results from years of refining high-quality clay.

Slate Tiles are extracted from quarries and offer an appealing traditional appearance. They also provide incredible longevity, offering a decades-long lifespan.

Metal Tiles are mostly produced from lightweight and tough steel, which makes them perfect for low pitch roofs. Due to their size, they are also quick and easy to install.

Plastic Tiles are produced from composite materials, incredibly lightweight and highly durable. They mimic the traditional appearance of natural slates but without the unnecessary weight or complex fitting required of traditional tiles.


What are the key benefits?

Tile roofing in Oswestry has multiple benefits for your property, including:

• Longevity: Tile roofs have a very long life, potentially lasting for over 100 years, especially when they are installed in the optimal conditions and well maintained. Many tile roofs are also very weather-resistant, being able to easily withstand hail, high winds, and even fire.

• Resistant against rot and insect damage: Unlike wood roofs, tile roofs will not decay.

• Environmentally friendly: As tiles are formed from earth minerals rather than chemicals, these tiles can be easily recycled once removed.

• Energy efficient: Thanks to their heavy thermal mass, tiles can help to regulate indoor temperatures.

• Minimal maintenance: Leaks are very unlikely as it is tile roofs rarely need repairs or maintenance unless the tiles are broken due to heavy impact.

• Wide variety of colours and styles: Clay, concrete, and slate tiles come in a wide variety of colours and styles to match any home style whether period or more contemporary.

For more information about tile roofing in Oswestry or to get a free quote, please feel free to contact our friendly team of experts today!

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